Napoleon Stove

Stoves heat your home while saving space. Napoleon makes wood burning and gas stoves with a high efficiency rating that offer beauty and convenience and save you money. Shop Napoleon at HomElectrical and get the top stoves on the market today!

What is a stove?

A stove can run on gas or burn wood and offers a freestanding, compact way to heat the home when compared to a traditional fireplace. They easily heat small homes and cottages and even work when the power goes out. The radiant heat on top of the stove provides a cooking surface. Napoleon sells both wood-burning stoves and gas stoves. With extremely long burn times and a clean and contemporary design, Napoleon stoves make the perfect solution for your living space.

What gas stoves does Napoleon sell?

Series of gas stoves include the Distinct Stove series and the Cast Iron Stove series.

The Distinct Series includes the Havelock and the Haliburton.

The Havelock includes a built-in blower, extra large heat exchanger, easily accessible controls, solid body construction, and a triple state-of-the-art burner system that allows superior heating efficiency. It also uses clean-burning, environmentally friendly technology. Ignition options include electronic and millivolt.

The Haliburton works well in small spaces and works without electricity with a battery backup. It features heat radiating ceramic glass. It offers flame/heat adjustment and uses Napoleon’s trademark Yellow Dancing Flames. Ignition options include electronic and millivolt. With the 100% Safe Guard Gas Control System and a safety screen, this stove safely heats any space.

The Cast Iron Stove Series includes the Knightsbridge, the Castlemore, the Bayfield, and the Arlington.

The Knightsbridge features a hand-painted log set with an advanced burner system. They offer an anti-condensation switch that controls the pilot usage for installation in cold climates. Though it uses electronic ignition, it features a battery backup so that it works even during a power outage.

The Castlemore provides a beautiful accent to any space in addition to offering a reliable heat source. It features traditional European styling with a Winter Frost finish, slender stature, and charming curves. Realistic flames engulf the hand-painted logs. The Night Light adds a comforting accent to the firebox even with the flames switched off.

The Bayfield adds drama and warmth to your home with a randomly flickering flame and realistic glowing ember bed. Napoleon’s trademark Phazer log provides a natural wood burning appearance. Their Night Light gives off a pleasant glow even without the flames. It includes battery backup, flame/heat adjustment, ceramic glass, and a standard on/off switch. Napoleon offers an electronic ignition option with color finishes in Winter Frost and an alternate ignition option in Metallic Black.

The Arlington features a space-saving design and can vent gas at a 45-degree angle, which makes it perfect for smaller rooms. It includes a standard Micro-Flame porcelain reflective radiant panel. It includes a Phazermic burner system, Phazer log set, and glowing ember bed that you can see through the European-styled ceramic glass viewing area. It offers millivolt ignition. Color options include Metallic Black and Majolica Brown.

What wood-burning stoves does Napoleon sell?

Napoleon’s wood-burning stoves include the S Series and the Economizer.

The S Series includes the S20 and S25.

The S20 features EPA certified wood-burning technology with extremely long burn times. The heavy-duty firebox top and full-width ash lip protect the floor from debris. The large ash pan with easy glide rollers ensures effortless clean-up. The design features clean, contemporary lines that blend in with your décor. It reaches a heat output of up to 65,000 BTU and includes a 1.9 cu. ft. firebox capacity. It burns for 8 hours.

The S25 includes the same features as the S20, but at a larger size. These high efficiency wood stoves reach up to 70,000 BTU and includes a 2.5 cu. ft. firebox capacity. It features a 16 hour burn time.

The Economizer series includes the Economizer 2100 and Economizer 2200.

The Economizer 2100 features a solid cast iron arched door and a fully refractory lined firebox. It includes a conveniently located air control lever. It burns for 6 hours and heats up to 2,000 square feet. The Economizer 2200 burns for 8 hours and heats up to 2,800 square feet.

What stove accessories does Napoleon sell?

Napoleon accessories include doors, trivets, blower kits, touch-up paint, ash pans, and accent bars.

Napoleon includes doors for the Haliburton and the Havelock gas stove models in chrome and metallic black. It completes the stove and adds a decorative finish.

The trivet for the Haliburton accents the front and gives it a polished look. This optional accent piece features a satin chrome finish. Required for installing a rear vent, the trivet for the Knightsbridge allows the stove to go from top ventilation to rear ventilation.

Napoleon makes blower kits for all the cast iron stoves: the Knightsbridge, the Castlemore, the Bayfield, and the Arlington. Blower kits include a temperature sensor that automatically controls the blower when the stove heats up. It features variable speed and thermostatic control. They help increase heat circulation and energy efficiency.

Touch-up paint refurbishes the look of your stove and withstands high temperatures. Napoleon’s Touch Up Paint for Fireplaces & Wood Stoves comes in metallic charcoal.

A leg leveling kit helps level the legs of the stove and make it secure. Napoleon’s leg leveling kit works with the Arlington, Bayfield, and Knightsbridge series.

An ash pan helps dispose of the ashes neatly. Napoleon makes an ash pan for the pedestal kit or the leg kit of the Economizer stove.

Accent bars install above the door kit and give your fireplace a finished look. Napoleon makes accent bars for the Havelock and the Haliburton.

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