What are LED Light Bulbs?

In addition to their electrical and thermal properties, LED’s also have optical components that make them significantly different than traditional lighting. In terms of performance, LED lights are considered the superior form of lighting based on these four major indicators:

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Brightness & Efficiency

This is directly related to the amount of light LED’s emit. The amount of light they emit is dependent on the wattage, or power, they require to function.


Color Temperature

LED’s have three different color temperatures. Warm White, Daylight White, and Natural White or Cool White.



You can use the same LED light bulb for up to 50,000 hours. That is equivalent to 30 years, if used regularly, like at home. Commercial usage can average about 20,000 hours, which is still a very large margin to its fluorescent counterpart.


Light Distribution

LED’s are omni-directional, which means that their light output has a wider beam angle. This function makes LED light bulbs far more efficient than traditional bulbs.

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Recommended Reading

LED lights come in different shapes, sizes, and bases that all work best in different spaces. When choosing a light bulb, consider the light function, type of light bulb, brightness or lumens, color temperature, and fixture type.

Color Temperature measures a light's color when illuminated and come in three options: warm white, daylight white, and cool white. Each option works best in certain applications, such as task lighting and general lighting.

If you want to replace your traditional bulbs with a more efficient option, you've come to the right place. Read our guide to learn the difference between each type of bulb and the advantages LED bulbs have over the other types.

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