LED Track Light

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LED Track Light - Rail

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What is track lighting?

Track lighting mounts individual light fixtures to a support track or rail that supplies electricity to each fixture. The track typically suspends from the ceiling but can mount to a wall or exposed beams. You can arrange a linear track lighting system in a variety of styles, including an L-shape, U-shape, or T-shape design. Certain tracks offer a curved look for an artful appearance.

These lighting options also use track heads that act as a type of spotlight. The number of lights can vary depending on the type of track lighting option you choose.

Track lighting provides an advantage over other lighting styles because each track head can adjust. This allows you to aim the lighting at the object or area you wish to illuminate, such as art, retail displays, accent walls, countertops, and more!

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Where do you use track lights?

Track lighting works well to provide accent lighting or task lighting in a living room, kitchen, bedroom, or other area where you want to highlight aspects of the room. Certain track systems work better for accent or task lighting while others, like a pendant style, can provide downlighting or ambient lighting. However, since track lighting works best for task lighting, they do not work well to provide general lighting to an entire room.

Track lighting often sees use in homes to help homeowners spotlight artwork, furniture, or to add a focused light to a particular area of a room. They also frequently see use in museums and to spotlight certain aspects of a retail store.

Are tracks and track heads interchangeable?

Not all track heads are interchangeable. The track rails used typically feature either an H, L, or J conductor configuration. The configuration refers to the conductor shape within the rail. This means that a track head should use the same type of configuration as the rail. If a track rail uses a J-type configuration, the track head should also use a J-type.

Additionally, the voltage of the track and track head should match.

How do I choose which track lighting I need?

While you can use a variety of light bulbs for each track lighting design, your desired lighting display determines which type of track light system you need.

Track lighting typically sees use in one of three ways:

  • Accent Lighting highlights a particular object or an item on display, like a painting in a museum.
  • Wall Washing evenly spreads the light across a whole wall.
  • Wall Grazing highlights the texture in a wall.

Because the track lighting fixture can point light in virtually any direction, you can achieve numerous lighting effects and accents.

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