LED Track Light - Accessory

Do your track lights need something extra for your needs? Track light accessories add functionality and versatility to track lights. Shop HomElectrical’s selection of track light accessories to enhance your track lighting!

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What are track lighting accessories?

Track lighting accessories add functionality to track lighting systems by connecting multiple track lights, adapting different light bulbs, suspending track heads from the rail, or adding light dispersion to track heads.

Why use track lighting accessories?

Track lighting systems work well in the living room as accent lighting or in the kitchen for task lighting.

Track light accessories include:

  • Track light connector: connect multiple track lights
  • Floating canopies: allows use of existing electrical box for power supply
  • Monopoint adapter: enables track head to mount to a junction box
  • Track light pendant suspension kit: extend track lights from the rail, to resemble mini pendant lights
  • Track light head add-ons: louvers and covers to direct and disperse light
  • Track light adapter: enables use of different bulbs from original system
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