LED Downlight / Recessed Can Light Accessory

Do your downlights or can lights need additional accessories to fit your needs? Downlight accessories and can light accessories add visual appeal or functionality to your ceiling lights. Browse HomElectrical’s selection of downlight accessories for your ceiling light needs at wholesale prices.

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What is the difference between downlights and can lights?

Downlights refer to lights that mount to the ceiling which direct light downward. Can lights are cylindrical, resembling a can as recessed housing in the ceiling. Can lights fall under downlights, but not all downlights are can lights.

What accessories are available?

Downlight and can light accessories include:

  • Reflectors- to reflect light downward
  • Downlight trim- external element that adds visual appeal to downlights
  • GU24 base connectors and adapters- allows use of GU24 base bulbs
  • Emergency battery backups- hold a charge to power a light after an outage
  • Extension cables- allow fixtures to be further away from drivers
  • Various brackets- allow fixture to fit – with junction box
  • New construction plates and frames- for installing a new recessed lighting fixture and housing
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