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Browse HomElectrical's selection of LED Panel Accessories to help you install your LED panel lights effectively. We offer a variety of Linking cables, Cable Hanging Kits, and Wireless Remote accessories to give you the most control over your LED Panel. Shop our collection now to find the most beneficial LED Panel Accessories. 

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What are Cable Hanging Kits used for and what is their standard length?

HomElectrical sells both 15-foot and 20-foot Cable Hanging Kits for Square Flat Panels and Linear High Bay Fixtures. Cable hanging kits are useful to use with LED panels because they give you the option to suspend or hang your lights. A cable hanging kit is compatible with any type of ceiling application. Their custom size also makes it easier for you to use so that you do not have to try and guess where to suspend your light, because there is already a designated height. Cable hanging kits also ensure that your LED panels are securely mounted with high quality and endurance. 

What are interconnectable Linking Cables used for, and how sturdy are they?

HomElectrical sells a variety different sized interconnectable linking cables that range from 6 and 12 inches (one foot) to 24 inches (two feet). Most inter-connectable linking cables are suited for a specific type of LED light. For example, the American Lighting 12” Interconnectable Linking Cables is intended for use with the Edgelink LED Flat Panel lights from American lighting and may not be compatible with other types of LED panels. Each cable also has a different amount of lumens, so make sure you are getting the right cable that you need!

What is a Flange Kit and which types of lights are they used with?

Flange kits are designed to permit the use of grid (NEMA G) fixtures in ceilings requiring flanges, and can be used with any grid troffer or flat panel from 1X4, 2X2, to 2X4. A flange kit is suitable for individual and continuous row applications. Their side and end rails are extruded aluminum and finished in a baked while polyester coating so that they are durable and visually appealing. The corner clips are zinc-plated steel and slide into slots provided in side and end rails to ensure that you have the perfect fit.

Can I use a wireless remote with any of my LED flat panel lights?

Wireless remotes for LED panels can be used to wirelessly control a flat panel. Not all LED flat panels may be compatible, and you most likely will need the same company's remote and LED flat panel in order for them to be compatible. The wireless remote control for LED panels can control up to 20 units. Their functions include turning on, turning off, and the ability to dim the light for the best light setting. Read more on our blog, Light Control with Wireless Remote Controlled Lighting.
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