2X2 LED Panel

If you're looking to cut down on costs and start saving energy, a 2X2 LED Panel is the ideal replacement for fluorescent fixtures in schools, offices, hospitality, healthcare, and other commercial and industrial applications. These energy efficient LED Panels are compatible with building controls, motions sensors, timers, and daylight harvesting systems. Find your 2X2 LED Panel today at HomElectrical.

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What are the advantages of using 2x2 LED Panels?

LED Panels are a great replacement to fluorescent fixtures, and are powered at a lower wattage with the same brightness as other bulbs. They not only save energy, but their life span is much longer than traditional light bulbs. Their slim and sleek design makes them suitable for multiple rooms and styles. They are easy to install and can easily replace your existing fixtures that do not use LED bulbs. 

Why would I use a 2X2 LED Panel instead of a 2X4 LED Panel?

If you are looking to use lower wattage for your LED Panels, a 2X2 LED Light Panel would be better for you. They do not use as much energy because they are a smaller size, but it depends on how much space you are trying to cover.

How do you mount a 2x2 LED Panel?


In order to install an LED Panel, you have to remove the ceiling panel and wire the LED Panel into the power source. They can be mounted depending where and how you want the light: surface mounted or suspension mounted.

  • You first want to slide the Panel into the ceiling frame.
  • Once in, you will want to pull back the suspension hook away from the panel until it is perpendicular to the panel backing.
  • After this, bend the hook are until it is facing perpendicular to the hook body.
  • Hook the panel light onto the t-bar until the light is suspended and fully supported.
  • Once secure, remove the knockout hole on the end of the LED driver box. You will have to then secure the wires and make sure you are connecting the correct wires by knowing which ones have a positive, negative, or neutral charge.
  • Once all of the wiring is done correctly, turn the circuit back on and you should have a perfect working LED Panel installed!

What type of drop ceiling are 2x2 LED panels usually installed into?

This type of lighting fixture is made to replace conventional fluorescent ceiling lights, and designed to mount on suspended grid ceilings or recessed ceilings. Their versatility allows them to be mounted on numerous surfaces and used in multiple applications.  Whether you want to replace your existing T8 fluorescent troffer light fixture or start a new construction project, LED panel lighting is an innovative and energy efficient alternative.

What are seismic clips for 2x2 LED panels?

Seismic clips are designed to be a useful accessory to 2X2 LED Panels. They are made to provide a stronger hold than if you were to simply install a LED panel into the ceiling. Basically, seismic clips are meant to provide extra security to your LED panel. There are different seismic clips you can use to either have a stronger hold or some feature a saddle that fits securely over the tee bulb to fasten into the tee web for a tight hold. Make sure you find the proper seismic clip with your LED panel.
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