Home Owner Tax Credit FAQ's

By shakir_williams on 08/07/2017

home owner tax credits

Are mobile home owners eligible for tax credits? 


Mobile home owners can get the tax credit just like any other home owners. As long as it is your primary home and the products you purchase are eligible for the tax credit you are eligible.

Can I still get a tax credit for a home improvement installed 2 years ago that I failed to apply for?


If you did not claim a qualifying tax credit in a prior year, you may be able to file an emended tax return for the year’s return in which you made the improvement. However, you cannot claim it on your current tax return. For Example, you cannot claim the credit for improvements made in 2009 on your 2010 taxes. For information, you can contact the IRS.

Can I get tax credit for a rental property?


Unfortunately, the tax credits are only eligible for your "principal residence." The one exception is if you have a second home that is rented part of the year, then you can claim the credit.

Can two people living in the same home both get the tax credit?


Two or more unmarried people living in the same home, who own it jointly, are each eligible for the tax credit on the amount of money they each individually spend to make home improvements - up to the maximum for the home.

Do detached garages, barns, or other structures on your property, but not connected to your main house, count for the tax credit?


The law states that products are covered if "such component is installed in or on a dwelling unit located in the United States..." Detached structures may be considered part of the "dwelling unit" if you use them as part of your living space, for example, as a workshop, or an extra bedroom.

Can I do the install myself for the tax credit?


You are not required to have a professional contractor do the install. However, if you install the product on your own, you cannot claim a labor charge for the installation.


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