Wago Green 6-Port Pushwire Connectors For Grounding & Bonding

Wago 773-116
Green 6-Port Pushwire Connectors For Grounding & Bonding
This pushwire connector allows you to connect two wires together in a way that minimizes contact with the live ends of the wires. Shop for more useful electrical tools from Homelectrical today.
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Wago 773-116 Description

Simplify your next wiring project with the Green 6-Port Pushwire Connectors. With these easy-to-use connectors, there is no need for twisting, taping or crimping, which significantly reduces wiring time. Their compact design saves space and money, as it allows a high concentration of up to eight connectors to fit in just one junction box. Shock-proof connectors are made with a clear housing so that users can clearly see if the conductor is completed inserted into the connector. Quality pushwire connectors come equipped with built-in test port for trouble shooting.

  • Conductors: 6
  • Voltage: 400 V
  • Cover Color: Green
  • Housing Color: Transparent
  • For Use With: Junction Boxes
  • Type: 6-Port Push-In Connector
  • Type of Wiring: Side-entry Wiring
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 221°F
  • Conductor Type: Solid/Stranded Copper Conductors

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Manufacturer Description

In addition to its 273 Series junction box PUSH WIRE® connectors for solid conductors, which have proven themselves billions of times over, WAGO now offers a new generation of products with its 773 Series for solid conductors with cross-sections up to 4 mm². The WAGO 273 Series PUSH WIRE® connector for junction boxes, with up to 8 clamping points for solid conductors, is the best selling connector in the world and has proven itself a billion times over. The classic among PUSH WIRE® connectors – for more than 30 years running. Reliability and safety made it the Number 1 by far!WAGO's 773 Series PUSH WIRE® connectors for junction boxes now provide an immediate solution for use with solid conductors with cross-sections up 4 mm². This new series, with its compact design, uses 30 % less space than the 273 Series. The transparent housing also enables the electrician or installer to see at a glance whether all the conductors have been fully inserted and properly connected.

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