Eureka is a manufacturer of professional chemical solutions that are great for welding, industrial machining, manufacturing, and other metal-working industries. They provide several rust and corrosion prevention lubricants for optimum protection. Their long lasting, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and multi purpose fluid film ensures that all metal surfaces are protected for years to come!

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Can I use Eureka's Rust & Corrosion preventive fluid on all metal surfaces?

This lanolin based rust and corrosion preventive solution helps lubricate all of the metal moving parts of heavy equipment, aircrafts, automobiles and more. if you are working with old and corroded machine parts, salvage them with Eureka Fluid Film. The following are some common applications:

  • bolts
  • cables
  • gears
  • chains
  • hinges

What can you put on metal to keep it from rusting?

Whenever iron, steel, aluminum, and other metal surfaces get exposed to moisture for long periods of time, it can cause the the metal to rust. We recommend using a rust & corrosive preventive liquid or spray, like Eureka Fluid Film, to lubricate and protect all of the moving metal parts of your machinery.
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