ETi LED Downlight

ETi Lighting offers a large selection of LED downlights with a variety of options to meet many needs. These downlights can be filtered by wattage, color, and even trim. Shop HomElectrical to find one that suits your residential or commercial needs today.

How far apart should I space downlights?

Each downlight should have 3 to 4 feet of space from other downlights and about 2 feet of space from the wall. To calculate how far apart they should be take the ceiling height and divide by 2. For an 8 foot ceiling, you should have 4 feet of space between each downlight.

How many downlights can I have on one circuit?

The number of downlights you can have on your circuit is determined by the size of your breaker. For a 15A breaker, if each downlight is 1/2A then you can have 30 downlights on a 15A circuit breaker.
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