CyberTech Lighting LED PL Bulb

Discover energy efficient LED PL bulbs for brilliant illumination and savings. Upgrade your lighting with quality LED PL bulbs today by shopping Homelectrical today!

What is a PL bulb?

PL bulbs are pin based lamps, with two or four-pin configurations, used for compact LED lighting applications. The bulbs can be an energy efficient and cost-effective solution to replacing traditional CFL lamps. The bulbs are pin based, with four pins and will require a pin based compatible fixture to ensure adequate installation for bulb optimization. The bulbs are known for their abilities to provide compact LED lighting for various residential and commercial lighting applications.

Currently, CyberTech Lighting’s PL bulbs have various features such as being instant-on capable, compatible with existing fluorescent ballasts, direct wire installable, mercury-free, a low-temperature operation. As these bulbs have the advantages of compact and effective light you will be able to find the perfect light for your space in no time.

What does a PL light do?

PL bulbs are pin based, often used in commercial and residential lighting solutions that are designed to be plugged into specific fixtures or sockets. The bulbs offer efficient energy lighting by consuming significantly less energy when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, which helps to reduce electricity costs and energy consumption. Their compact design makes them readily available for any of your possible lighting needs.

The pl bulbs offered in the HomElectrical’s selection are vastly versatile allowing you to choose the right bulb based on your lighting needs. Due to technological advancements, the bulbs have an extended lifespan making them cost efficient and great options for long term lighting needs.

What is the lifespan of a PL bulb?

Currently, all the CyberTech Lighting PL bulbs have a lifespan of 50,000 life hours. On the other hand, compact fluorescent (CFL) PL light bulbs, typically last around 8,000 to 15,000 hours. Factors that can affect a bulb’s lifespan include quality of bulb, usage patterns, operating conditions, frequent on/off cycles, high temperature, and inadequate ventilation.

How many watts is a PL light bulb?

The CyberTech Lighting selection comes in watt ranges from 7W to 15W. When choosing a PL bulb, consider both its wattage and light output (lumens) to ensure proper illumination. Keep in mind, LED bulbs are now widely used due to their energy efficiency and varied wattage options.

The wattage of a PL light bulb indicates its power consumption, meaning how much electricity it uses. It’s a measure of how quickly the bulb consumes energy. Generally, higher wattage bulbs produce more light but they also use more energy.

Are the PL light bulbs safe?

PL light bulbs, are generally safe when used according to guidelines. They contain a small amount of mercury vapor for operation, but proper handling and disposal prevent exposure. In case of breakage, follow cleanup procedures. Dispose of CFLs at designated centers.

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