CyberTech Lighting LED Corn Bulb

CyberTech Lighting's energy efficient LED corn bulbs are packed with advantages tailored to you every day lighting requirements. Browse HomElectrical selection today to find the right corn bulb for you.

What is a LED Corn Bulb?

A CyberTech Lighting’s corn LED bulb is a special type of light bulb designed in a unique shape, similar to a corn cob, and is great for lighting up various spaces.

The bulbs can be used in various commercial and residential places like warehouses, parking lots and street lighting. What sets these bulbs apart is their impressive longevity and energy saving features. The average life span of the current selection available ranges from 40,000 to 50,000 life hours.

How long do LED Corn Bulbs last?

The lifespan of CyberTech Lighting LED corn bulbs can vary due to factors such as quality of the product, how it’s used, and operating conditions. Unlike traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, LEDs generate minimal heat, resulting in less energy waste.

Typically, high-quality LED corn bulbs are engineered to last anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 hours, showcasing their durability in comparison to other bulb types like incandescent lights. CyberTech Lighting’s heat sink technology uses within its LED corn bulbs minimizes energy waste, providing users with cost-saving benefits.

What are LED Corn Bulbs Used for?

LED Corn bulb compatible applications include indoor commercial and industrial settings. The innovative technology of the corn bulbs makes them a versatile lighting solution, suitable for diverse environments and lighting requirements. Here are some key uses of the bulbs:

  • outdoor lighting
  • Warehouse
  • Industrial Spaces
  • Post Top Lighting
  • Street Lighting
  • Indoor Residential Lighting

How do you install LED Corn Cob Led lights?

When placing LED corn bulbs vertically upward, prioritize safety by checking compatibility and ratings for upward installation. You should seek an electrician if you do not feel comfortable installing your lights. However, if you decide to self-install, you should turn off the power, access the fixture, secure the bulb, and replace any removed covers or bases for downward vertical installation, ensure uniform lighting by switching off the power, accessing the fixture, replacing old bulb, securing the LED bulb, and testing its functionality.

Alternatively, for horizontal installations (transverse downward), which is common in directional fixtures, turn off the power, remove any fixture covers, insert the corn bulb horizontally into the socket, and ensure alignment with socket pins. Following these steps, specifically with CyberTech Lighting corn bulbs guarantee proper installation and efficient use in various orientations.

What type of light do Corn Bulbs emit?

CyberTech Lighting Corn bulbs also known as corn LED lamps emit a bright and warm light that can vary depending on the specific LED chips integrated into the lamps. The available options span a wide range of color temperatures. LED corn lamps can produce a day-light white light, or they can emit a cozy and yellowish hue reminiscent of traditional incandescent bulbs. This versatility allows them to create both comfortable and inviting indoor atmospheres, making them suitable for areas like living rooms and bedrooms.

Beyond residential spaces, LED corn lamps find utility in warehouses, commercial establishments, and industrial areas, often serving as high bay lighting to provide ample illumination across large spaces. CyberTech Lighting’s LED Corn Bulb offers adaptable lighting solutions for various applications.

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