CyberTech Lighting LED Barn Light

Light up your patio, doorway, outdoor signs, and more with one of CyberTech’s barn lights. Complete with photocells to help save energy, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect barn light at HomElectrical.

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What is a barn light?

A barn light is a round, downward facing shade light that extends from an arm or pendant. They are called barn lights because they were originally made to light up barn doors. Today, they are used for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications and can be wall, ceiling, or pendant mounted.

What is a photocell?

A photocell is a type of sensor that detects changes in light. When implemented into a lighting fixture, photocells will turn a light off at dawn and on at dusk. Their purpose is to save energy by only turning lights on when they are needed.

Do all barn lights come with a photocell sensor? If not, can one be installed?

Not all barn lights come with photocell sensors. The CyberTech barn lights offered by HomElectrical do, but if a barn light does not have a photocell sensor, one can be installed separately. Adding a photocell sensor to your existing barn light fixture will conserve energy by automatically turning the light on and off. Learn more about outdoor lighting in our blog Outdoor Lighting Options for Safety and Efficiency!

Where are barn lights used?

Barn lights can be utilized in garages, on patios, and outside buildings where the lighting needs to cover a broad area of space. CyberTech barn lights are equipped with dusk to dawn photocells, making them ideal for security lighting. If you’re wondering which barn light to choose, find which beam angle you need here!

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