CyberTech Lighting Outdoor Lighting

CyberTech Lighting offers a range of LED outdoor lights including floodlights, security lights, wall packs, and more. Get the best CyberTech lights for your outdoor projects from HomElectrical today!
CyberTech Lighting Outdoor Lighting

CyberTech Lighting LED Security Light

CyberTech security lights have motion senser capabilities and pivotal arms to provide the best safety monitoring for your security needs.

CyberTech Lighting LED Wall Pack

CyberTech Lighting’s LED wall packs come in full cutoff or semi cutoff variations for any type of exterior wall-mounted lighting.

CyberTech Lighting LED Step Light

CyberTech’s step lights come in different finishes and orientations for all of your stairway and path lighting needs.

CyberTech Lighting LED Barn Light

Use a CyberTech Lighting LED Barn Light for outdoor lighting featuring an integrated dusk to dawn photocell.

CyberTech Lighting Outdoor Lights Accessory

Add functionality to CyberTech Lighting area lights with CyberTech Lighting Area Light Accessories featuring mounts and sensors.

CyberTech Lighting Shoebox Fixture

CyberTech’s LED shoebox lights have adjustable arms and wide, downward beam angles for your street lighting needs.

CyberTech Lighting LED Flood Light

Enhance safety and security with CyberTech Lighting LED Flood Lights to illuminate areas in need of light.

CyberTech Lighting LED Jelly Jar Light

The CyberTech Lighting LED Jelly Jar Light fixture offers outdoor lighting featuring a protected bulb and photocell for automatic dusk to dawn lighting.

What type of lighting is best for outdoors?

There are many different options for outdoor lighting, all with different benefits.

  • Barn Light: Barn lights are downward-facing fixtures that are best for hanging over entryways, building signs, patios, and more.
  • Flood Light: Flood lights have wide beam angles that allow them to illuminate large outdoor areas like sports fields, parking lots, and residential yards.
  • Jelly Jar Light: Getting its name from its resemblance to an upside-down jelly jar, these lights are typically wall mounted and best for doorway and porch light applications.
  • Security Light: Usually equipped with motion sensors, these lights turn on whenever they detect movement.
  • Step Light: Step lights are safety lights designed to illuminate stairs and stairwells.
  • Wall Pack: Wall packs are compact fixtures that cast angled light from a wall mount, helping create visibility outside buildings.
  • Shoebox: Named for their size and shape, shoebox lights are mounted on poles and used mainly for street and parking lot lighting.
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