Cadet Built-In Thermostat

HomElectrical carries Cadet's three built-in baseboard thermostat kit options for you to choose from. These kits provide easy means of operation for any of the Cadet baseboard heaters whether you're looking for smart control or simple dial control. Pair your Cadet baseboard heater with a Cadet built-in baseboard thermostat kit from HomElectrical.

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What is a built-in baseboard thermostat kit?

The Cadet built-in baseboard thermostat kit offers an easy and economical way to control a baseboard heater right at the unit.

What types of built-in baseboard thermostat kits are available from Cadet Heat?

Smart-base: delivers precise temperature control that's accurate within two degrees Fahrenheit and can be customized to suit any preference. Features convenient push-button controls and a digital display screen makes it easy to see room temperature, time, and day. Can be installed on either end of a standard 208 or 240 volt baseboard heaters.

EBKN: provides easy control for the Cadet SoftHEAT hydronic baseboard. Provides precise temperature control within three to five degrees. Made to be used with the Cadet SoftHEAT, EBHN or EBHA series baseboard heaters or 240 volt baseboard models. Available in double pole options.

BTF: can be used with 120, 208, and 240 volt Cadet standard baseboard heaters. The BTF thermostat has a large, easy-to-use twist dial for temperature control. It can be mounted on either end of Cadet baseboard heaters. Available in single or double pole.

What is the difference between a single pole or double pole Cadet thermostat?

Single pole thermostats only have a "low" setting instead of a true "off" setting and feature two connection wires. Double pole thermostats have a true "off" setting and feature four connection wires.
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