Benefits of Wago Compact Splicing Wire Connectors

By Will Owen Last Updated On 04/05/2018

Wago lever wire connector

Benefits of Wago Compact Splicing Wire Connectors

For any commercial or domestic applications, there are always risks when it comes to wiring. It’s just like our parents used to say when we would touch something on the floor: “You don’t know where that’s been!” The same can be said about the wiring. You may know how old the house is, but you probably won’t know who has been messing with what wires. ‘What he can do I can do better, right?’

messy wires mixed together

The one thing that we can say for sure is that, with time, these jobs have become a little bit easier, especially with the use of splicing wires. Wago, a well known manufacturer of wire splicing products, developed a compact splicing wire connector that is easy to use.

There are two versions of this wire connector. First, a Wago 222  electrical connector, having two to five ports available, uses compact cage levers so that all you have to do is flip the lever to secure or release a connection.


Wago compact connector

A Wago 221 will be a little bit smaller and you will be able to see through its exterior to confirm the conductor’s depth.

Wago see through compact connector

How are these electrical connectors different?

Wire to wire connectors, Wago 222 and 221, come with a wide range of benefits. The first being that on their bodies they show you their specifications, like how many volts a wire connector is able to hold. There’s also a measuring tool on the connectors back so you are able to remove the right amount of insulation from the wire. In addition, the connectors have an opening on top of them, or the back with a Wago 221, where you can use a voltage tester  to test the electrical connection.

Klein voltage tester

Unlike a push-in wire connector, Wago connectors can be used for solid, stranded, and fine stranded types of wires or conductors, and be reused. And while a Wago terminal block can handle more wires than your average connector, it takes longer to install. The wires can end up damaged during this long installation process and increase the chances of an electrical hazard.

Wago terminal block

Steps to apply a compact wire connector:

Steps for using a Wago wire connector

*Please consult a professional electrician before working with any electrical wiring*


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