Amrep Misty Lubricant & Greaser

Keep your equipment from seizing and being worn down with greasers and lubricants from HomElectrical. Seizing equipment won't stop you from meeting your deadline with the help of Amrep Misty's lubricant and greasers. They also use an environmentally preferable formula so you won't have to worry about the hurting the environment when you are working. Find the right greaser and lubricant for your project at HomElectrical.

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What are the benefits of Lubricants and Greasers?

Most of the lubricants from Amrep Misty are silicone based and are in an easy-to-use aerosol can. It also includes:
  • Environmentally preferable formula
  • Industrial silicone
  • No o-zone depleting chlorinated or fluorinated solvents
  • No hazardous pollutants
  • VOC compliant
Their greasers are able to:
  • Protect equipment indoors and outdoors
  • Helps equipment withstand heavy loads and temperatures
  • Prevent seizing and galling
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