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Trucks take care of all the heavy loads by taking them from one place to another. So why not take care of the truck in return. These auto care products will help keep your truck running for a longer time. They will prevent contaminants from entering and forming in your vehicle. Let the trucks keep carrying those heavy loads with auto care from HomElectrical.

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What's Brake Parts Cleaner used for?

These brake parts cleaners are great for removing brake fluid, grease, and oily dirt. It can also remove contaminants from linings, pads, drums, cylinders, and springs without you having to disassemble the brake unit. These auto cleaning solutions do not use o-zone depleters making them environmentally friendly.

What is a Diesel Fuel Stabilizer used for?

Diesel fuel stabilizers prevent sludge and sediment from forming. It will also clean and lubricate your cars fuel injectors and improve it's overall performance.
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