American Lighting LED Barn Light

American Lighting barn lights are just one of their many lighting solutions. These are mounted on the wall and can be used for a variety of commercial applications including: construction, hospitals, hotels, and more. Explore our selection of American Lighting barn lights for your LED area lighting at HomElectrical.

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What are American Lighting barn lights?

Barn lights from American Lighting are mounted on the wall. One of the common names that is used to describe one of these is a gooseneck. This refers to the way that the barn light looks like a gooses neck as it is mounted. This type of area light is generally used by retailers because of its ability to illuminate one area.

What are American Lighting barn lights used for?

American Lighting barn lights are used for lighting a specific area but can also be used as a way to deter robbers and vandals from damaging your work site. Barn lights can be applied to construction sites, demolition sites, commercial kitchens, hospitals, hotels, and more.
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