Klein 7.5-Meter Tape Measure, Double-Hook

Klein 9375
7.5-Meter Tape Measure, Double-Hook
Klein Tools Tape Measure is 7.5 meters and features a strong magnetic double hook, easy-to-read bold lines, and a retraction brake, making it the perfect tool to use for any job. Shop our full selection of Klein Tools' products at HomElectrical today!
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Klein 9375 Description

Klein Tools 7.5-Meter Tape Measure, Double-Hook Features:

  • Tape Measure with 4-Meter standout of wide, tough and durable blade
  • Uncluttered, easy-to-read metric and imperial (SAE) scales on front and back side of tape
  • Heavy-duty, tough, durable nylon-coating protects blade printing and delivers longer blade life
  • Retraction speed brake controls blade speed and protects fingers from touching blade
  • Measurement scale printed on front and back sides of blade for versatility to address different types of measurements
  • Double hook can secure tape to items such as studs, conduit, pipes, etc. on front or back side of blade to measure with either measurement scale
  • Strong magnet on hook attaches to ferromagnetic objects such as steel studs, doors, panels, conduit, etc. for easy measuring
  • The impact resistant housing is over-molded with a soft touch finish for excellent grip and stands up to jobsite demands
  • Metal belt-clip securely holds tape measure to belts, pockets, or pouches
  • US Patent D803711
  • Dimensions: 3.43-in (L) x 2.35-in (W) x 3.43-in (H)

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Tape Measure, 7.5-Meter Magnetic Double-Hook

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