Wago 5-Conductor Compact Splicing Connector w/ Operating Levers

Wago 222-415/K194-4045
5-Conductor Compact Splicing Connector w/ Operating Levers
This splicing connector allows you to connect two wires together in a way that minimizes contact with the live ends of the wires. Shop for more useful electrical tools from Homelectrical today.
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5-Conductor Compact Splicing Connector w/ Operating Levers
  • 5-Port
  • sku WAG-222415
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Wago 222-415/K194-4045 Description

The quality 5-Conductor Compact Splicing Connector w/ Operating Levers is perfect for wiring flexible conductors in a junction box. This Splicing Connector can be used with any connection that requires stranded/solid wires, a wide range of wire sizes, or a combination of different wire sizes and types within one connector. Taking up very little space, this reusable connector saves both time and money, as the installed cost is very low and it guarantees a safe operation every time. The touch-safe connector provides protection against electrical shock, and includes a built-in test point for easy testing of connection integrity.

  • Ratings per EN60664
  • Nominal Voltage: 450V, 4kV rated surge voltage
  • Approvals per UL 486C
  • Rated voltage per UL: 600V
  • Rated current UL: 20A
  • Copper conductor materials
  • Actuation type: Lever
  • Solid conductor: 28 to 12 AWG
  • Stranded conductor: 28 to 12 AWG
  • Fine-stranded: 28 to 12 AWG
  • Conductors: 5
  • Max. Temperature: 105'F
  • Approvals: UL, ENEC, PSE, ABS, RoHS Compliant
  • Side-entry wiring type
  • Dimensions: .732-in (L) x 1.17-in (W) x .327-in (H)

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Solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors with different cross sections can be connected using the 222 Series.The universal 222 Series for solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors. It connects lighting fixtures, sunblinds, awnings, door and gate controls, inter phones, pumps, loudspeakers and many other applications, without tools. Connection of different types of conductors and bridging large differences in cross section are the forte of the 222 Series. In practical use, this connector can be used for intercom wiring, up to hook-up of an electric stove - fast and safe connections.The WAGO 222 - the problem solver on the go.

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