Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint: Office Buildings

Measure. Plan. Analyze

Green Emissions
The first step to lowering your carbon footprint in the office is to run an energy audit. The audit will tell you exactly how much CO2 is emitted annually, based on your electricity, water, gas, lighting, and waste consumption. This is a great start to implementing greener practices in the office.

Time for an Upgrade

Light Bulb

Just by switching to LED lights, in the building, you can start seeing changes in your energy consumption. Energy Star rated appliances, additionally, are designed for maximum energy efficiency and will cut away at your energy bill. You can also install occupancy sensors to control your lighting during the day. The lights will automatically shut off when the room is empty and come on when it senses a presence. Am I eligible for the Georgia Power lighting rebate?

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


Start recycling in your office and encourage everyone to the do the same. Place bins in the break room; one for paper, one for plastic, and one for glass. You can even recycle or donate any old appliances or electronics.

Turn it Off

Light Switch

Make sure everything is turned off at the end of day. Turn off the lights. Lighting takes up a large portion of your monthly utility bill, so just by turning off the lights when they’re not being used, you can save money and energy in the long run.

Start encouraging your employees and co-workers to become more environmentally friendly. Set a good example by making small changes and encouraging others to the same. Together we can all make a huge difference!

“The future is green energy, sustainability, and renewable energy.”

~Arnold Schwarzeneggaer~


Recommended Reading

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