Simply Green: Solutions for Greener Living

By dlumpkin on 11/10/2015

live a greener lifestyle

The HomElectrical Team is passionate about our green initiative. We wanted to give you a few simple ideas that might inspire you to live on this earth in a responsible and respectful manner. Here are a few fun and interesting ways to go green!

What are some ways to go green?

Reuse Grocery Bags

Everyday items like grocery bags can be reused. A grocery bag can be used to hold plenty of stuff like tomorrow's lunch, ice, shoes (if you are traveling), and moving supplies (you can wrap glass and other delicate belongings in layers of grocery bags to protect it while moving).

reusable grocery bags

Greenify your Television

Most modern televisions are shipped with a picture setting that is specifically made for retail displays. Instead, change the television to a "standard" display to reduce the energy usage and save money each month.

set television to standard

Dust That Fridge!

If you want to keep your refrigerator running like new and cut down on power bills, dust and vacuum the refrigerator coils. Dust keeps the refrigerator coils from working properly and the refrigerator, in turn, has to use a lot more energy to keep everything cool.

dust and clean refrigerator coils

Replace Your Incandescent Bulbs with LEDs

One of the quickest ways to reduce energy usage while saving money is by switching over to LED light bulbs. They pay for themselves within a year based on the energy savings and they are far more efficient than CFLs in different environments.

replace incandescent with LED light bulbs

Turn Your Computer Off

Computers and laptops still use a lot of energy even when they are in hibernation mode for long amounts of time. Instead of wasting energy, why not turn off your computer when you go to bed in the evening? You will save on energy and possibly lengthen the lifespan of your laptop or computer.

set computer to sleep or hibernate to save energy

These are just a few suggestions! Check out our other blogs to learn about other ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and be a responsible planet dweller! How have you gone green at your house? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! Thanks for reading!