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Make sure that you and your employees are properly protected while working with a faceshield and visor from HomElectrical. Browse through our large selection and find the right faceshield for your application.

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Which Faceshield coating should I get?

  • Anti-fog - prevents fogging from water vapor.
  • Anti-scratch - prevents scratches.
  • Reflective - has a mirrored coating that reflects and dissipates radiant heat. Great for those working in heated environments.

What are the different types of lenses for Face shields?

  • Clear Lens - creates great visibility for normal and low light conditions.
  • Tinted Lens - protects the eyes from eye strain due to excessive glare.
  • Shade IR - protects eyes from infrared light and is commonly used for gas soldering, light cutting, brazing and metal pouring.
  • Arc Lens - protects against low-level arc flashes, electromagnetic energy, tiny fragments, and molten metal during an electric arc. These should be paired with personal protective equipment to ensure full protection.

What materials are used to make Face shields?

  • Polycarbonate - good for heat and impact resistance. It can be chemical resistant depending on the thickness and coating. UV protection is also possible by adding UV filter additives.
  • Propionate - perfect for chemical splash protection but is not well suited for impact resistance.
  • Mesh - commonly used in a warm environment because of its ability to provide a lot of ventilation. Is not well suited for impact, chemical, and UV protection.
  • Acetate - gives up a little visibility to become scratch and chemical resistant.
  • PETG - ideal for chemical splash protection and is not very impact resistant. It can also be rough on the user's eyes.

What are Face shields and Visors used for?

Faceshields protect the face from hazardous impacts including:

  • Flying Objects
  • Road Debris
  • Chemical Splashes
  • Potential Infectious Fluid
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