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Get auger and spade drill bits that easily clean out holes and are compatible with most power tools. At HomElectrical, our selection includes augers of all sizes and durable spade sets. Find the auger and spade products that are right for your application at a competitive price with HomElectrical.Learn more about Auger & Spade drill bits!

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What are the disadvantages of a Spade Bit?

  • Needs to be spun fast when using a hand-powered drills and must be used in a power drill or drill press to be effective.
  • Spade drill bits is more likely to create a rough or splintered hole. This can be avoided by using a wood piece as a backing.

Auger and spade products come in a full array of sizes to fit any hole drilling need ranging from 3/4-15/16 inch drill bits. For those of you who need not just one spade drill bit there are also spade drill bit sets that come with 6 different sizes.

What are the advantages of a Spade Bit?

  • Spade bits are going to be able to drill large holes quickly.
  • Due to their simple design they are easy to modify in order to fit a smaller size that you want.

What are the disadvantages of an Auger Bit?

  • Because of the size and angle of the cutting lips they have less speed.
  • These bits should be only used on wood unless it is a specialized bit. If you try to drill through other material it could break the bit.
  • Guide screws or gimlets have been known to break if they hit a knot in a piece of wood.

What are the benefits of an Auger Bit?

  • Capable of drilling deep holes in wood up to 31 inches.
  • Perfect for woodworking and constructing furniture.
  • The sharp spurs on the edges of the bits tip providing a clean and smooth cut.
  • Auger bits that have guide screw, which is threaded, will not need much downward force to enter the workpiece and start to cut.
  • Single-twist auger bits are great at ejecting waste and can create deep holes without needing to be withdrawn in the process.
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