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Control your heater with ease when you find the right built-in thermostat! Whether replacing your old one or in need of a new one, find built-in thermostats that work with select heaters from brands like Stelpro, Cadet, King Electric, and more. Shop HomElectrical to find the built-in thermostat your heater needs!

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What is a built-in thermostat?

Where wall thermostats install on the wall, built-in thermostats install on the heater itself. They control the heater in a similar way to a wall thermostat. This means they switch the heater on once the temperature falls below a setpoint and, once the room reaches the desired temperature, shut the heater off.

This selection of built-in thermostats includes a wide variety of field installable options that can replace old thermostats in specified heaters. They often work with electric baseboard heaters, wall heaters, and more.

What is the difference between a single pole and double pole thermostat?

The main difference between single and double pole thermostats lies in their ability to turn off. Double pole thermostats come with a true off setting, meaning they can turn completely off. When set to 'off,' a double pole thermostat will not turn the heater on even if the temperature falls below the setpoint. Because they can shut completely off, double pole thermostats typically offer a more energy efficient option.

Single pole thermostats do not come with a true off setting. Instead, they operate within a temperature range. When the temperature falls below the lowest setting, usually around 45 degrees Fahrenheit, it turns the heater on, regardless of if you want it to or not. For this reason, you should never leave anything on a heater, even one controlled by a double pole thermostat. It can pose a safety hazard.

Learn more about the difference between single and double pole thermostats with our blog!

How do you use a wall thermostat with a heater that has a built-in thermostat?

If you already own a heater with a built-in thermostat but want to switch to a wall thermostat, you can turn the built-in thermostat all the way up. This lets the wall mounted thermostat take full control of the heater.

You can also have the built-in thermostat removed. This offers a safer, more energy conscious option than leaving the built-in thermostat on all the time. We recommend contacting an electrician to perform that service for you.

What built-in thermostats does HomElectrical offer?

HomElectrical carries a wide variety of built-in thermostats from brands like Stelpro, Cadet, Qmark, King Electric, and more. Each thermostat works for a specified series or heater.

Some units, like the King Electric TKIT-1A, come with a field installed design. This easy installation means it can install in the field rather than factory installation. We also carry a selection of electromechanical relays, low voltage relays, and replacement thermostat kits.

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