Wall Heater Accessories

Keep your wall heater functioning at its best with a variety of wall heater accessory options! HomElectrical carries a wide variety of wall heater accessories available for select heaters, including mounting options, adapters, wall cans, built-in thermostats, and much more. Forget about the local stores; find the wall heater accessories you need online at HomElectrical.com!

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What is a wall heater?

A wall heater acts as a self-contained heating unit that installs directly into or on the surface of a wall. Typically an electric heater, they often do not connect to ductwork. Wall heaters provide quick heat and work best warming smaller spaces like apartments, small homes, compact living rooms, or home offices.

Wall heaters offer a quick heating option that can act as a single heat source or as a supplemental heating option.


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What is a remote temperature sensor?

Temperature sensors measure the temperature in a location. A remote temperature sensor for an HVAC unit sits away from the heater and wirelessly monitors the temperature. Certain temperature sensors can then communicate this information back to a heating unit in an effort to monitor, record, or signal temperature changes.

King Electric offers a remote temperature sensor that can sit anywhere in a room to help maintain the temperature settings. This temperature sensor works by continuously transmitting to the heater's controller using an RF signal.

Unlike a built-in thermostat, this remote temperature sensor sits away from the heater. Because of this, it avoids sensing the heat generated by the heater and creating a false temperature reading. The King Electric ECO2S remote temperature sensor also monitors the heater’s performance and adjusts accordingly so the heater can use the least amount of energy possible.

What is a wall heater grill?

Traditionally, a heater grille acts as a vent cover and can influence the air flow of central heating and cooling systems. A wall heater grille covers the outside of a wall heater. Due to age, use, or high amounts of traffic passing by the heater, the wall heater grill can become discolored or damaged over time. Replacement grill covers can keep your unit looking its best.

What other wall fan heater accessories are there?

You can find a wide variety of wall heater accessory options. Most accessories work with a specified brand, series, or heater. Find the following heater accessories:

  • Heater grills
  • Replacement heating elements
  • Mounting accessories
  • Disconnect switches
  • Control relays
  • Wall adapters
  • Remotes and brackets
  • Built-in thermostat options
  • And much more
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