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Supply the correct current and voltage to your lighting with LEDVANCE Sylvania power supply options! Sylvania offers a selection of LED outdoor power supplies, in-line drivers for undercabinet lights, and much more. Shop HomElectrical to find the right high quality power supply for your LEDs with a LEDVANCE Sylvania LED power supply!

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OTi 30/120-277/1A0 DIM-1 L G2
OTi 30/120-277/1A0 DX L
OTi 20/120-277/700 DIM-1 L G2

What is an LED power supply?

A power supply typically converts power from a source to the correct format required. This can often mean converting high voltage alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). Since LED lights operate using a lower voltage than other lighting, they require a power supply to regulate the current directed to the light. LED drivers, which function as a type of power supply, protect LED lighting from fluctuations in voltage or current.

All LED lighting requires either an internal or external driver. Internal drivers, often found in LED lamps, or light bulbs, come already equipped. External drivers often see use with commercial lighting fixtures. It's often much easier and cheaper switching power supplies than it is to replace the entire fixture.

You can find two main types of external LED drivers: constant current and constant voltage.

  • Constant current - constant current LED drivers work with LEDs that require a fixed output current. The LED typically indicates one current, in amps, and may offer a variety of wattages.
  • Constant voltage - constant voltage LED drivers work with LEDs that require a fixed output voltage and use a maximum output current. These drivers see use with LEDs that can already regulate the maximum current.

What is a dimmable LED power supply?

Dimmable power supplies control the LED's dimming capability. To dim, they may adjust the current flow or use pulse-width modulation (PWM), which rapidly turns the LED on and off at a speed too fast for the human eye to register. Instead, the light appears as a constant flow.

What power supplies does LEDVANCE Sylvania offer?

LEDVANCE Sylvania offers a wide variety of LED power supplies, including indoor and outdoor as well as options suitable for industrial areas.

Their options include the OPTOTRONIC programmable constant current outdoor dimmable LED power supplies, like this 180W Optotronic outdoor LED power supply, whose programming doesn't require powering up or connecting the power supply to AC line voltage. They also offer OEM programmability with 1mA resolution designed to maximize performance and match LED load, and dimming down to 10 percent using 0-10V dimmers.

They also provide the 85W LED Power Supply which features specification grade dimming to true 1 percent or 10 percent on 0-10V dimmers.

Their constant voltage options include the 96W LED Power Supply, which offers a wide 120V-277VAC input range for select models. These electronically stabilized options are protected against open circuit, short circuit,overload and overheating conditions.

Sylvania also offers additional accessories, such as:

  • Solid connectors
  • Cable connectors
  • Splitters
  • Sweep sensors
  • In-line drivers
  • Plug-in adapters
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