Tape Light Accessory

Have linear strip lights or tape lights and need something extra for more function? Strip light accessories and tape light connectors add more capability to your LED lights and lighting kits. HomElectrical offers a great selection of accessories to complement your strip or tape lights!

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What is the difference between strip lights and tape lights?

Strip lights, an overarching term and category, includes smaller linear light fixtures. Strip light fixtures include stick lights, ceiling fixtures, and flex strip lights, also known as tape lights.

Tape lights fall under strip lights, but not all strip lights are tape lights. Due to tape lights’ flexibility, use tape lights in hard to illuminate areas, like corners or areas with a curvature.

What accessories are available?

If you use RGB LED or single color lights, strip light accessories like wire connectors link products like LED dimmers and power supplies to the lights. See the full list of available options below:

LED strip light accessories:
  • LED strip connector
  • Wire connectors
  • Linking cables
  • End caps
  • Cable kits
LED tape lighting accessories:
  • Mounting clips
  • Wire adapters
  • Transformers and power convertors
  • Controllers and connectors
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