SCU Series Universal Heating Cable

Sick of freezing cold floors in the morning? Installing heating cables can help keep your floors nice and warm! Stelpro offers the comfort of a heated floor with the SCU series universal heating cable. Enjoy unparalleled comfort in almost any room in your house, including the bathroom, kitchen, or living room. Browse HomElectrical to find the Stelpro SCU series universal heating cable!

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What is the Stelpro universal heating cable?

Stelpro universal heating cable consists of their SCU series. These heating cable options offer a safe, durable, and maintenance-free heating solution. They provide uniform heat over the entire floor surface. As an out-of-the-way heat source, these floor heating cables leave more space for furniture and other decorative elements.

The SCU series with a complete kit comes with the heat cable, cable spacers, installation guide, and glue sticks included. Easy to install with cable spacers or an uncoupling membrane, they work compatibly with many floor coverings so long as the heating cable is completely covered by self-leveling mortar. This universal heating cable series can work in almost any room in the house, especially in difficult-to-heat spots.

The SCU series uses heating elements sheathed in thermoplastic polymer insulations. Their dual heating element allows for the return of the thermostat inside the cable which you can consider for cable route planning. They also use tin-plated copper braiding which allows for better corrosion resistance.

These cables offer these additional benefits:

  • Silent heating
  • 25-year warranty
  • Controlled using optional electronic thermostat (sold separately)
  • Dual heating element
  • Flexible cable

What accessories does Stelpro offer?

Stelpro offers these accessories sold separately:

  • Uncoupling membrane - replaces plywood or cement board as an underlay for tiles
  • Proband roll - 6-inch x 98-ft
  • Repair kit - for repairs
  • Plastic strapping for 24-ft heating cable

How long do floor heating cables last?

Floor heating cables can last quite a long time, typically 20 years or more. Stelpro offers a 25-year warranty for their SCU series universal heating cables.

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