ASB Series Dual-Energy Duct Heater

Designed to guarantee maximum operational safety, the Stelpro ASB series dual energy duct heater also offers comfort and economy. The Stelpro ASB duct heater comes in two sizes and offers user-friendly controls. Discover the Stelpro ASB series duct heater at HomElectrical!

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What is a duct heater?

Duct heaters use forced air to send heat through ductwork. Duct heaters can sometimes function as a primary heating source or work with other heating systems as a supplementary heat source.

Stelpro offers two duct heating options: the ASB series dual-energy duct heater and the SDHR series round duct heater. The ASB series features a dual-energy mode while the SDHR series features a round duct heater.

What are the features of the ASB series duct heater?

The Stelpro ASB duct heater comes equipped with a temperature sensor for consistent temperature and to detect overheating. Each element contains manual and automatic thermal cut-outs. They also come equipped with an electromechanical coupling interlock device to prevent two heating sources from starting up simultaneously.

The Stelpro dual-energy duct heater offers these heating modes:

  • Dual Energy Mode - heating mode automatically changes depending on the outdoor temperature
  • Fossil Fuel Mode - only fossil fuel used
  • Electric Mode - only the duct heater used

More features include:

  • Monopiece galvanized steel cabinet
  • Pilot light to identify selected modes
  • Diagnostic pilot lights
  • 16" X 18" and 19" X 19" sizes
  • Modulating elements - separately framed for easy replacement
  • Deflector kit increases versatility and performance
  • Plenum temperature sensor to detect abnormal conditions

For more information, check out the specification sheet.

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