SCV Series Air Handler

Steplro offers the SCV ventilation cabinet air handler for residential and commercial applications. The Stelpro air handler offers flexibility and optimized controls to fit what you need. Shop HomElectrical to find the Stelpro SCV series air handler for you!

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What is the Stelpro SCV ventilation cabinet?

The Stelpro SCV series functions as an air handler. They operate as part of the HVAC system by circulating conditioned air through ductwork. They use either a capacitor fan (PSC) motor that runs at one speed, or an ECM motor, at variable speeds.

Why use the Stelpro SCV series air handler?

The Stelpro air handler offers a variety of controls to meet requirements for all types of installations. These controls include low voltage, built-in, remote, or without control.

SCV series Stelpro ventilation cabinet air handlers can install in three installation positions: vertical ascending, vertical descending, and horizontal. These units can suspend from the ceiling or install directly against the wall.

Stelpro's SCV air handlers offer these additional features:

  • 120V, 208V-240V options
  • User friendly digital interface for remote model
  • Between 400 CFM to 2200 CFM

Fun fact: CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It measures the amount of airflow from the fan.

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