Satco LED T8 Tubes

Satco's T8 LED Tubes are the perfect solution to replace aging T8 fluorescent and T12 tubes. We offer a wide range of ballast by-pass (direct wire) or ballast compatible linear tubes to fit all your LED retrofit projects. Whether you are looking for a 5000K color light to brighten the room or a 4000K color for a natural white look, HomElectrical has the right T8 tube at the lowest competitive price.

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What Satco LED Tube is right for me?

Before you run out and buy your T12 or T8 fluorescent tube replacement, you should consider these two things:

  • What Color Temperature (CCT) do you currently have? Better yet, what CCT would you like to have?

    1. The 4 most common CCT for LED tubes are 3500K, 4000-4100K, 5000K, and 6000K.
    2. The lower the temperature, the softer the light output is.
    3. The most common CCT you see in an office is between 3500K-4100K.
    4. 5000K-6000K is more often found in warehouses, garages, and body shops.
    5. To learn more about Color Temperature (CCT), Visit our Color Temperature Guide

  • LED tubes come in 3 different configurations. What are the differences between ballast compatible, ballast bypass (aka direct wire), and hybrid LED Tubes?

    1. Ballast Compatible LED Tubes (Type A) - These LED tubes are designed to work with the current ballast within your fluorescent fixture. They will not work without a ballast.
      • Pro: These are easy to install
      • Con: Ballasts are responsible for an additional 12% of energy consumption. They need to be replaced every 18-24 months. These tubes will always need a ballast to operate.

    2. Ballast Bypass LED Tubes (Type B) - These tubes will only work without a ballast. You must remove the current ballast from your fixture before installing these LED tubes.
      • Pro: No more replacing the ballast! Maximze your energy consumption savings
      • Con: A certified electrician is needed to retrofit current fluorescent fixture wiring configurations.

    3. Hybrid LED Tubes (Type C) - These tubes are the best of both worlds and will work with or without a ballast.
      • Pro: Best solution of both worlds
      • Con: A little bit more expensive

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