Qmark FRP and FRS Infrared Radiant Heater

Infrared Heaters from Qmark provide a consistent warmth for any commercial space. Qmark radiant heaters are the perfect infrared heater option for gyms, warehouses, sports arenas, restaurant patios, and more. Browse through their selection of metal sheath, quartz tube, or quartz lamp heating units.

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What are the different types of infrared heaters?

The FRP and FRS series infrared heaters from Qmark offer two enclosure types: painted steel and stainless steel. They also come in three element types: metal sheath, quartz tube, and quartz lamp. These radiant heaters are ideal for most industrial applications, such as warehouses, driving ranges, loading docks, and aircraft hangers.

  • Metal Sheath: Can be used in indoor and outdoor high traffic areas
  • Quartz Tube: Can be used indoors and outdoors for direct spot heating
  • Quartz Lamp: Can be used indoors or outdoors for direct spot heating

What is the maximum wattage for each radiant heater element enclosure?

Maximum Wattage
  Metal Sheath Quartz Tube Quartz Lamp
24" 1700 2000 3200
33" 3000 3000 5000
46" 4000 4000 7300


Maximum Wattage
  Metal Sheath Quartz Tube Quartz Lamp
24" 2500 3000 4800
33" 4500 4500 7500
46" 6000` 6000 10950


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