USI Electric Photoelectric Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Hardwired

USI Electric MPC122S
Photoelectric Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Hardwired
USI Electric's 2-in-1 Photoelectric Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm hardwires and features a sealed battery backup to protect your home from smoke and carbon monoxide hazards. Shop HomElectrical to find more smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide alarms!
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USI Electric

USI Electric MPC122S Description

  • Hardwired alarm with 10 year sealed battery backup
  • 120V AC/DC
  • 10 year sealed battery backup provides continuous power in the event of a power outage
  • Protects against smoke and fire as well as carbon monoxide
  • Patented Quick Find alarm origination to help locate the first alarm to sound in an interconnected system
  • Audible alarm signals carbon monoxide and smoke alarm hazards
  • LED visual indicators to distinguish between carbon monoxide and smoke alarm signals (in accordance with NFPA 72)
  • Utilizes Lithium-free permanent power using Duracell Duralock Power Preserve technology
  • Eco-Friendly - Reduces environmental waste and eliminates disposal of up to twenty 9V batteries
  • No battery to replace for life of alarm
  • Tamper proof design maintains high level of security to prevent removal of battery
  • Photoelectric technology effectively detects slow smoldering fires
  • Drift compensation further reduces nuisance alarms by allowing the alarm to auto adjust its sensitivity if the photoelectric chamber becomes dusty or dirty
  • Smart alarm technology virtually eliminates nuisance alarms
  • Ideal for every room
  • Deactivation key turns alarm off and readies alarm for disposal
  • Lock-out feature to protect deactivated alarm from reinstallation
  • 10 year product end-of-service life warning indicates when to replace alarm
  • Suitable for installation in houses, apartments, dormitory and manufactured housing
  • Exceeds industry standards - ETL listed to UL Standard UL 217 and UL 2034
  • California State Fire Marshal approved
  • Reduces nuisance alarms by continuously adjusting to variations in environmental conditions with automatic temperature and humidity compensation
  • Tamper-resistant locking feature prevents unwanted removal of alarm
  • Single silence/test button temporarily quiets non-emergency alarms and tests the functionality of the alarm
  • Temperature Range: 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius to 38 degrees Celsius)
  • Humidity Range is 5% to 85% relative humidity (RH)
  • 10 year limited warranty on battery and alarm
  • Dimensions: 5.75-in (L) x 5.75-in (W) x 1.75-in (H)

Product Specification

Manufacturers Parts Number
Maximum Voltage
Package Size
10 Yr

Manufacturer Description

10 Year Tamper Proof Permanent Power Sealed Battery 2-in-1 Photoelectric Smoke and Fire + Carbon Monoxide Smart Alarm 120V AC/DC Hardwired Alarm with 10 Year Permanent Power Sealed Battery Backup

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