Panasonic Mini Split Air Conditioner

By will_owen on 03/05/2018

Panasonic mini split AC

We have come a long way since we had to rely on hand fans in order to keep cool. Now we don’t even need to rely on air ducts thanks to the mini-split air conditioner from Panasonic. These air conditioners are able to keep a room at your preferred temperature. It basically functions the same way that a regular A/C would except it doesn’t rely on the ducts to distribute the air.

How do mini-split air conditioners work?

air duct leaking moneyThese Panasonic air conditioners come with both an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit distributes the air over evaporator coils that are able to absorb the warm air from your home. This air is then pushed to the outdoor unit to maintain the temperature in your home. Also, because they don’t rely on air ducts, there won’t be any duct leaks.



Should I use air ducts or not?

Like it suggests in their name these air conditioners are smaller than other models. But because of their small size and not needing to rely on air ducts, mini-split air conditioners can cool one room per unit. For multiple rooms to stay cooled each one is going to need their own indoor unit. The good news though is that no matter how many indoor units you have they can hook up to the same outdoor unit.

Along with this new air conditioning system there are also a few new terms. The biggest one being tones which refers to how much the air conditioner is able to remove the heat per hour. This can also be known as a refrigeration ton or by the more common term BTU (British Thermal Unit). A 4 ton air conditioner, for example, is able to remove 48,000 BTU an hour. A 2 ton unit would only be able to remove 24,000 BTU per hour.

Graphic of how the mini split is set up

If you are having trouble deciding whether to go forward with these types of units or to install ductwork, it basically comes to the cost. If there is no ductwork already installed in the house, the cheaper and more energy efficient option would be Panasonic mini-splits. If, however, there are air ducts installed, it would be cheaper to get an energy efficient air conditioner that works with ducts.

Mini split mounting options

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