How to Conserve Energy and Save on Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

Summer is here. The sun is out and the heat is rising. The best part about summer is being able to go outside and enjoy the (sometimes too) warm weather. The worst part of summer is when that warm weather doesn’t stop at the front door and finds its way into your home. Here are a few ways to keep the heat at bay, and save on your A/C bill.

Programmable Thermostat

1. Get A New Thermostat

Programmable Thermostats are a great way to cut down on your bill. Instead of turning on your A/C and letting the air run all day, use a thermostat to turn the air on and off as you need it.

For an even more personalized experience get your hands on a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat will adjust the temperature based on your lifestyle. If your typically not home from 9-6 at work the thermostat will learn to turn the temperature up when you’re not home.

Air Filters

2. Check The HVAC System

Ensure your HVAC system is running properly and that air flow is unrestricted.

Changing out that dirty air filter will help the air travel freely through your system.

Carpets can also impede airflow, so check to make sure no furniture is blocking the registers.

A/C Window Unit

3. Block Those Pesky Sunrays

Fun Fact: 90% of sunshine passes through the window’s glass as heat.

Keep the shades or blinds drawn during the day to stop the sun from heating up your home.

Plants can make for an excellent sun sponge as well. Try planting trees and shrubs around your home to absorb those extra rays.

Window Shades

4. Turn Those Fans On, But Not All The Time

According to the Department of Energy, a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting about 4 degrees with no reduction in comfort.

Don't leave the fan running when nobody is home. Ceiling fans circulate the air and trick the skin into thinking the room is cooler than it is. Running the ceiling fan in an empty room is a waste of energy. The fan will just spin the hot air around the room, but the temperature will never actually drop.


5. Seal Up And Insulate

Secure any air leaks with weather stripping or chalk to ensure unwanted hot air is not leaking into your home.

Check that your attic has proper insulation as well. Insulation keeps cool air in by preventing unwanted heat loss and heat gain.

LED bulb

6. Avoid Those Large Appliances During The Day

Many large home appliances produce a lot of heat when in use. Try grilling during the day instead of using the oven. Also try and leave laundry for the evening when the temperature is lower.

LED bulb

7. Switch to LEDs

LED light bulbs will help you a couple of ways. The first way is that LED lights use energy efficiently. Since there is no energy wasted, unlike incandescent bulbs, there is no heat created as a byproduct. These LED bulbs will keep your home from raising a few degrees and lower your electric bill simultaneously.

Falyn Eaden
Falyn Eaden

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