Panasonic ECONAVI: Stay Cool Wherever You Are

By will_owen on 03/05/2018

Panasonic ECONAVI

I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t always wanted their technology to be a little smarter. Especially when you are so hot that you are unable to move and you just want the air conditioner to blow some cool air in your direction. Well the wait is over with the ECONAVI high-precision sensor technology from Panasonic.

What are the features of an ECONAVI?

The ECONAVI from Panasonic is a sensor technology that will automatically adapt to the rooms conditions. It’s able to efficiently and effectively distribute cool air throughout the designated room while using the least amount of energy. The sunlight sensor, for example, is able to monitor how hot the sun is and make the proper adjustments. So even when you are trying to escape the sun by staying inside but you are still sweating the ECONAVI will cool things down.

ECONAVI sunlight sensor


Additional features of the ECONAVI include:

  • Absence Detection – minimizes the energy usage when there is no movement or activity detected within the room.
  • Activity Detection – when there is movement or activity detected within the designated room the sensors will begin to cool the area.
  • Area Search – when there is activity on one side of the room and not the other the cool air will be directed over to where there is activity.

        Features of the ECONAVI


These sensors are designed so that they will use less energy, using up to 15 percent less energy, but still be as effective, if not more so, than your current air conditioning system. A Panasonic air conditioner with an ECONAVI system will be able to measure how many people are in a room and reduce the amount of cooling but still keep those that are still there comfortable.

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