LEED Certification: How LEED Certified Buildings are Focused on Sustainable Construction

LEED certification provides standards for better air quality, water efficiency, waste reduction, and other sustainable practices. Buildings that are LEED certified generally have an energy savings of 50% to that of a regular building.

For example, while a regular home may have an electricity bill of $200, a LEED registered home will have a bill of $100. In addition to annual energy-savings, LEED certified buildings must manage sustainable waste reduction practices. This includes using recycled construction materials, eco-friendly design supplies, re-using wood for landscaping mulch, and much more.

Why Should I Get LEED Certified?

LEED certification provides a point of differentiation between a regular building and a green building. When you brand your property as LEED certified, that stamp of quality allows for a greater return on your investment.

Consumers today want better quality buildings and are generally willing to pay more for buildings that use less energy. Some tenants only look for LEED certified buildings because of the quality assurance that LEED provides. Think of it like a high-quality brand of shoes that you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for.

LEED certification ensures a quality of life, a quality of health, and a quality of space for the consumer.

Recommended Reading

A LEED Green Associate means an introductory level of accreditation which signifies a general understanding of the LEED rating system. The LEED exam to become a Green Associate are administered by the national testing agency Prometric and are run by GBCI.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED rates green buildings and ensures they maintain sustainable practices.

Score high on your next project with a few tips! See how you can improve on water efficiency, innovation of design, energy and atmosphere, sustainable sites, and many more categories.

Shakir Williams
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