LED Technology: What Are the Electrical Components?

By shakir_williams

LED lightbulb electrical components

LED Lightbulbs are set up much differently than traditional lightbulbs. For that reason, they have some electrical components that are different from incandsecent lightbulbs.  Unlike incandescent lights that emit light from a vacuum, LED bulbs emit light from solid matter, known as a semi-conductor.

Consider a semi-conductor like a sponge cake, with different layers that allow electrons to move around through the holes of the cake. The bottom layer, filled with negatively charged particles, move throughout the semi-conductor once it is powered and activated. The top layer, filled with positively charged particles, move through the conductor at the same time. Both the positive and negative charges meet together in the middle layer, where light is emitted from. 


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LED Technology: What Are the Electrical Components?