LED Strip Light Home Decor

LED Strip Lights are an easy and efficient way to add lighting to your space. They provide efficient light while giving personality and style to your home. Find the perfect fit in a variety of colors, lengths, and styles. With a little creativity, LED strip lights can be used to transform any space in your home.

Can You Cut LED Strip Lights?

You can cut LED strips. However, not all LED strips can be cut, they must have a designated cut line. The cut line is usually a dotted line printed on the strip. Be aware that the ability to cut the lights depends on the product, so we suggest reading the instruction manual to confirm. You’ll need a pair of sharp scissors to cut your LED strip lights. But if you cut anywhere besides the cut line, the LED lights will not work and will also void your warranty.

Here are a few places you can add LED lighting to bring out you space and decor:



Adding LED tape lights to a mirror is a great way to add lighting to the one place people look at most. Tape lights are the easiest option when adding lights to a mirror. Arrange the lights any way you please for an affordable way to add personality to your mirror. They help illuminate your space and are easy for placement.

With the ability to cut them, you can correctly measure your tape lights to fit any size mirror. You can place tape lights on the front of a mirror for essential accent lighting or place them behind for mood lighting or backlighting

Wall Art


One of the coolest ways to bring a room to life is to add lighting to your wall. With LED rope lights, the creative options are endless. Unlike tape lights, which should not bend, a rope light has a flexible design that can work around corners. Rope lights make it easy to create different layouts that can perfectly fill your wall space.

These lights are often used to create a focal point in a room. It can also be used to create a mood or atmosphere. You can find options of color changing rope lights to brighten and add color . It is a great way to add a touch of style to your walls.

Entertainment Stands

Entertainment Stand

Adding tape lights to your entertainment stand can help bring out the décor of your room or add ambience to your entertainment experience. You can add tape lights in places like behind a tv stand to add an eye-catching and dramatic colorful backlight to your family room or entertainment space. You can even place them directly behind your tv with options like reactive LED tape lights, which are designed to change its LED color based on sounds, music or movement, to enhance your personalized tv experience.

Shelves and Bookcases

Shelves and Bookcases

Adding LED lighting to shelving and bookcases depends on personal preference. When placing LED strip lights on shelving, it’s best to use strips with cut lines so that you can size them correctly and easily place them into corners.

The kind of ambiance you want to create for your room will help you determine the best placement for your tape lights. They can be placed to create mood lighting or help illuminate artwork and décor displayed on the shelves.

With so many options available, we offer a variety of high-quality brands of LED strip light and LED tape lights. You can read more about the difference between each LED lighting option in our Helpful Tips blog. You're sure to find a way to make them work for you!

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