What is an LED Light Module?

By Avery Dietzen on 11/27/2020

LED lights keep dominating the lighting industry. As the most energy efficient lighting technology on the market, manufacturers find more convenient ways to use it. One of those ways includes LED light modules.

What is an LED light module?

An LED light module functions as an LED light bulb substitute. LED lights function using light emitting diodes. These diodes act as a semi-conductor which, when voltage is applied, create photons of light.

All LEDs use the same technology, but LED light modules offer a drastically different appearance than traditional LED light bulbs. Instead of the traditionally shaped bulb, LED light modules consist of one or more light emitting diode arranged on a board. These boards can come in circular, rectangular, linear, square, or star shapes. Some modules, like flexible LED strip modules, can be cut and rearranged for customizability.

How do they operate?

LED light modules can fit a wide range of uses. They can operate alone or plug into a compatible fixture. Certain LED light modules, like linear light modules, can use a pin base connection, while others, like channel letter LED modules, connect to one another through a wire connection. Some offer an adhesive back to allow them to stick to a fixture during installation.

LED light modules can install into new fixtures or retrofit old fixtures. Some manufacturers make integrated LED module fixtures that can retrofit traditional bulb fixtures. Integrated LED fixtures offer new lighting designs. Without having to accommodate a traditional bulb style, manufacturers can create new and unique fixture designs.

Where do you use LED light modules?

Initially, LED light modules were designed to light up signs and channel lettering. Now you can find them used in many applications in your home, vehicle, or office.

Use light modules in:

  • Signs
  • Displays
  • Post lights
  • Step lights
  • Landscape light fixtures
  • Strip lights
  • Undercabinet lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Office lighting

Looking for an LED light module? HomElectrical carries brands like Sylvania and MaxLite which offer a variety of different LED module shapes and sizes for your convenience.


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