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Are patio string lights hardwired or plug in?

LED patio string lights can be either plug-in or hardwired. Depending on your application, you can choose between the different connection types. Most plug-in patio string lights are for seasonal use, parties, and barbecues since they can be easily removed and relocated. Hardwired patio string lights are direct wired into a panel or electrical socket that are a more permanent solution for your LED outdoor landscape lighting. These lights can be used all year round, so find which style you like and decorate your landscape today!

How do I know which bulb I need for my patio LED string lights?

Depending on the type of socket your LED patio string have, it will determine the type of bulb that you will need. Most LED string lights come with bulbs already in the socket; however, should you need to replace them, verify the type of socket base you have. There are two types of sockets for LED patio string lights: in-line and suspended sockets.

The type of socket will determine the size of the base as well as the wattage capacities. Each manufacturer of LED patio string lights will include specifications, so be sure to refer to the guidelines when you are making any replacements.

Are patio string lights rated for outdoor use?

Outdoor patio lights are typically UL rated for wet or damp locations. Because they are great for outdoor use they are best when used for patios, garages, warehouses and as security lights. There are different types of patio string lights that are heavy and low duty. In LED patio string lights, there are two types of sockets as well (in-line and suspended).

Suspended LED patio lights are better suited for commercial areas, like restaurants and shopping centers, because they are more durable than the in-line socket. However, both suspended and in-line lights are rated for outdoor use. Learn more about UL listed location ratings here.

What are the installation/mounting options for LED patio string lights?

LED patio string lights can be installed in a temporary fashion or permanently. Since patio lights can be installed for a party and taken down at the end of the night, you can use a simple J-hook or simply run the string lights over your canopy. For a permanent installation of patio string lights, the best way to install them is using a cable wire system.

By running a thin cable wire through your mounted hooks, you can tighten the slack in the line of your patio string lights. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines for load capacity, approximate distance, and electrical capabilities.

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