Up to 1000W Replacement - LED Corn Bulb

Browse through a wide selection of LED corn bulbs and LED retrofit post top lamps at HomElectrical. These energy efficient post top lights are the perfect solution to replacing traditional high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs. Offering a wide range of color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 5700K, these bulbs provide a uniform color consistency and brightness for up to 50,000 hours. Requiring very little maintenance, these corn light bulbs are an easy replacement to traditional bulbs up to 1000 watts. Shop and find the right light bulb for your lighting needs today!

Are LED corn bulbs compatible with dimming systems?

Most LED lights require an external driver in order for them to be dimmable. The bulb must indicate that it is dimmable, which can be determined on the product's data sheet. Learn which external driver you need for your light fixture!

Is there any magnetic disturbance with LED corn bulbs?

Commonly referred to as "static," electromagnetic disturbance is caused by the LED driver, either internal or external. The static occurs when LED drivers operate at very high frequency. This can affect the lifespan and energy efficiency of LED bulbs. It is important to check with the manufacturer to ensure that your LED corn bulbs have EMI filters that prevent magnetic interference. Fortunately, we deal with reputable manufacturers that ensure that their products are high quality. 

Are all LED corn bulbs the same size?

No. Each LED corn bulb is sized to match your existing bulbs wattage. Since LED lights are more energy efficient, they require a much lower wattage than traditional HID lamps. The larger the wattage, the larger the corn bulb will be.

For example: A 54W corn bulb that replaces a 200W Metal Halide or HPS bulb, would be about 6"(L) x 3.6875"(W) x 10.6875"(H). However, a 240W corn bulb that replaces a 1000W MH or HPS bulb, would be about 14"(L) x 5"(W) x 5"(H).

What type of base is used with higher wattage lamps?

Larger bases are common in most high wattage commercial HID and HPS lamps. The higher the wattage, the larger the base needed. LED corn bulbs, found in most outdoor lighting fixtures, will have an E39 screw-in base. These bases are made from a cast porcelain material and are designed to tolerate very high temperatures. Corn lights with a mogul base will have a power output ranging from 250W to 1500W.  
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