2X4 LED Troffer

A 2X4 LED Troffer is a rectangular light fixture that is designed for a modular dropped ceiling. LED Troffers are useful replacements for florescent troffers because they are high-performing and are more cost-effective. LED Troffers are quick and easy to install, and can have the option of being dimmable. These long lasting LED Troffers are used for interior lighting in places such as workplaces, schools, hospitals, and retail applications. Shop for your LED Troffer now at HomElectrical. 

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How are 2x4 LED troffers better than traditional flourescent ot incandescent light fixtures?

Acrylic Light panels are much more durable than your traditional light bulb and longer lasting. LED panel lights can last up to 17 years, assuming usage is around 8 hours a day, while an incandescent light bulb or fluorescent light will only last a fraction of that time. They come in a variety of brightness and wattage, which makes them great for kitchens, hospitals, offices, gyms, schools, and so much more. Although LED light bulbs seem to be all the hype right now, commercial contractors are moving towards LED panel lighting for their sleek and modern look.  Learn more about the benefits of LEDs compared to other bulbs here.

What is a 2x4 LED troffer?

Designed especially for drop in ceilings, HomElectrical offers a selection of recessed and volumetric LED troffers that are great for many environments. The LED energy-saving bulbs provide a cost-saving replacement to traditional fluorescent bulb. The LED troffer offer advanced color rendering and a longer life than CFLs. LED troffers are cost-effective and designed for drop ceilings in commercial and institutional applications such as offices, schools, hospitality, healthcare, restaurants, and other commercial and retail locations. Learn more about LED panels & troffers!

Can LED 2X4 Troffers be dimmable?

Yes, depending on which light 2X4 LED troffer fixture you choose, the light may have dimmable capabilities. Most troffers need a dimming driver to be installed with the troffer in order to have this feature available. If you do install the LED driver for dimmability, you will reduce the hassle of wanting to change the color temperature of your light and it will help you be able to control the color temperature in a room to fit your mood or your needs. 

Do 2x4 LED troffers work with retrofits?

LED high bay retrofit kits are installed in existing high bay fixtures to upgrade them to LED technology which improves their energy efficiency and saves on energy consumption. LED Troffer Kits can be used to retrofit linear fixtures, such as fluorescent tubes, light panels, and troffers. LED Troffer kits are the best option if you’re not interested in replacing your entire lighting system. You can achieve that same LED brightness without the hassle of replacing your fixture. They easily screw into the socket and are a great energy efficient alternative to fluorescent and halogen light bulbs. Read more about LED Retrofits!
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