Introducing Dimplex PRO Series

Looking into an electric fireplace heater to stay comfortable this winter? Look no further! Introducing the Dimplex DF PRO series of in-home fireplace heaters. These firebox heaters utilize Multi-Fire XHD technology to create high-contrast flames with improved brightness for a realistic flame effect.

What are the benefits of the Dimplex DF PRO Series?

Dimplex DF26L-PRO

The Dimplex DF PRO series features three plug-in electric fireboxes. The fireboxes utilize fan-forced heating with a ceramic element to heat up to 1,000 square feet in a short amount of time.

Unlike a traditional fireplace, Dimplex PRO series electric firebox heaters give off zero emissions. Now you can enjoy an environmentally friendly realistic flame with 100% efficiency!

The Dimplex PRO series offers two 26-inch fireboxes and one 28-inch firebox. Additional features include:

  • Safe around children and pets — the outer glass remains cool, so you can install them in any suitable location
  • LED technology — lowers energy consumption with no maintenance
  • Plugs into any standard household outlet
  • Turn off the heat and enjoy the flames all year long
  • Adjustable flame speed
  • Timer — 8-hour capability
Dimplex DF26DWC-PRO

The 26-inch DF26L-PRO and 28-inch DF28L-PRO use Dimplex Realogs, logs molded from hardwood, positioned to give depth to the flames and fixture. You can choose to highlight the flame with a red or blue hue, or you can lower the flame to enjoy glowing logs or embers.

The 26-inch DF26DWC-PRO lets you choose between driftwood logs with a river rock bed or acrylic ice for your flame bed. On top of that, you can choose between multiple color themes.

What other products does Dimplex offer?

Dimplex released new IGNITEXL wall mount fireplace heaters and Revillusion firebox heaters and log sets.



Dimplex’s IGNITEXL linear electric wall heaters use Multi-Fire XD technology for vivid, lifelike flames. Its ceramic heat warms up to 1,000 square feet of space and connects to an electronic thermostat to increase your energy efficiency. They offer 50-, 60-, 74-, and 100-inch options.

Dimplex RLG25


Dimplex Revillusion technology creates larger, brighter, and more varied flames for a realistic, lifelike effect. With both fireboxes and log sets to choose from, you can customize your comfort level and choose what works best in your home.

The firebox comes in 30-, 36-, and 42-inch designs while the log sets offer 20- and 25-inch options.

Additionally, Dimplex offers plug-kit accessory to allow their 74-inch Prism series wall mount fireplace to plug into any standard outlet.

Stay cozy and comfortable around the faux fire this winter with a Dimplex electric firebox heater. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect one for your home!

All images curtesy of Dimplex.

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