Invite some fresh air into your home with ventilation systems from HomElectrical. We offer high-quality industrial fans, discreet bathroom fans, and state-of-the-art air handlers to fit any preference you may have. Whether you're trying to stay chill in the summer, or stay toasty in the winter, we've got you covered! Explore our ventilation catalog now - it blows away the competition!
Ventilate bathrooms from odors and moisture with bathroom fans from HomElectrical’s ventilation supply.
Keep your home or business cool with a wide selection of stylish and unique ceiling fans and ceiling fan blades, including various size options as well as options that include a light.
Provide air circulation and cool large areas quickly with HomElectrical’s selection of industrial fans available in portable or mounted options.

Fan Head & Accessories

Find the accessories you need, including mounting options, down rods, fan blade sets, fan heads, and safety cages available for select fan options.

Air Handler

Regulate air and keep your space comfortable with a selection of air handlers, ceiling cassette air handlers, wall mounted indoor air handlers, and more.

Wall Fan

Cool your home or business with stylish wall fans which may feature 3-speed, 3-blades, and options suitable for damp locations, available in various finishes.

Air Conditioner

Cool your home with an air conditioner, available with modular blower, packaged air conditioner, and A/C condenser options featuring BTU options to cool different sized areas.
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What exactly is ventilation?

Ventilation is the main factor in ensuring that an indoor environment of any building - may it be a school room, an office space, or your home - is comfortable for any person and occupant inside. There are two main forms that most systems are categorized by: either natural or mechanical.

Natural ventilation gets its name from its reliance on the natural flow of air. Like how a fluid is any substance that has the ability to flow, the air around us is one of those substances. Thus, natural ventilation refers to the fluid nature of the air, which includes the differences in pressure on the outside and inside of a building, and within the interior of the building as well.

Natural ventilation puts a heavy reliance on a process called infiltration. Infiltration refers to how air tends to escape through routes within a building to the outside, whether it is through open windows or some other similar method. This can pose a problem for - let's say - when in the winter time, you want to keep the warm air contained within your home, but it's constantly escaping through those routes we talked about. This can cause you to use even more energy than necessary to warm your living space, since you're replacing the warm air being lost and constantly fighting against the cold air. Needless to say, this directly impacts your energy bill, and we don't want that.

Mechanical ventilation is basically forced ventilation. It bypasses the problems we run into with natural ventilation by withdrawing the stale, sitting air within a space, and exchanges it with a steady flow of crisp, fresh air. Because of its design, it does all this noiselessly and dependably - most times, just at the push of a button.

Are there more ventilation options?

Yes. There exists an option called hybrid ventilation. This is a mixture of natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation, in that it uses major attributes of both to distribute clean air throughout any interior environment. With this option, you can either control your air distribution automatically, or manually.

What are fan heaters?

A fan heater is a kind of heater that functions by using a fan to push air over a source of heat. Through this method, the air is heated up, and then it leaves the heater, filling the nearby interior environment with warm air.

What are the kinds of fans that HomElectrical carries?

HomElectrical prides itself on carrying a high-quality selection of air handlers, industrial fans, and bathroom fans.

Within our collection, we carry Stelpro and Panasonic HVAC air handlers, so we know you'll be getting the best of the best.

In addition, we have a vast multitude of bathroom fans - whether you want ones with LED lighting, a fan heater, both, or something entirely different, we have you covered!

And when it comes to industrial fans, we carry many professional names in the industry, such as Qmark, Dimplex Heat, TPI Corp, and more!

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