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Discover a wide variety of bathroom fans that will meet all of your needs at HomElectrical. We have bath fans with additional features from lighting to heating elements. Bath fan adaptors and bath fan housing can also be found on our website. Choose from our selection of bathroom fans at wholesale prices.

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How do I install a Bathroom Fan?

Here are some tips for you when you are installing your bathroom fan:

HomElectrical has bath fans to fit every space and also has different models that are equipped with additional features including lighting and heaters. 

What are sones in Bathroom Fans?

  • Sones are used by the industry to properly measure how loud or quiet a bathroom fan is.
  • Soft sounding fans are generally between .5 and 1.2 sones
  • Neutral sounding fans are going to be a little bit louder and range between 1.5 to 2 sones. They are considered acceptable when compared to fans with a higher sone level.
  • Anything higher than 2 sones will be too loud

What does CFM stand for on a Bathroom Fan?

  • CFM stands for cubic foot per minute and is an essential for when you are choosing a fan for your bathroom. It’s usually labeled on the product and are largely accurate.
  • It is recommended that when you are choosing a fan that you take into consideration the size of your bathroom as this will help you determine which fan to buy.
  • Based on your bathroom’s size it should have airflow of one cubic foot per minute to every square foot.
  • If the bathroom is bigger than 100 square feet, it is generally better to get two smaller fans for the space.

What are different types of Bathroom Fans?

  • Ceiling Mounted Fans – just as the name says, this type of fan is mounted in the ceiling of the bathroom. They are able to get rid of the air by pushing it upwards through the roof. If the fan is connected to ducting, then the air will be removed through an outside vent.
  • Inline Exhaust Fans – this fan is used when there is not enough space for a ceiling mounted fan to be installed. So instead of being installed in the ceiling they are mounted between ducts and are generally quiet.
  • Wall Mounted Fans – if you hadn’t guessed already these fans are mounted on the wall. As a result of its mounting position it is able to drive out stale air from your home directly. It will also not require you to have or install any ductwork as a result.
  • Combination Units – these units come in an assortment of the previously listed fans, plus some extra features. The features can range from having a light-fan or heat-fan-light mix.  

Why use a Bathroom Fan?

  • Bathroom Fans ventilate and circulate the air in even the smallest bathroom spaces.
  • These fans help to eliminate mold buildup and moisture from steam. They can also fan out any malodors that may occur.
  • Bathroom fans can cover a wide range of square feet or a very small area, so there is a fan for virtually every size bathroom large or small.
  • Galvanized bathroom fans resist humidity and temperature changes.
  • Some fans may also be equipped with lighting to ensure maximum visibility.
  • Bathroom fans often operate with a quiet and precision-balanced blade to ensure even air flow throughout the room.

Are bathrooms required to have Exhaust Fans?

If your bathroom has a window that is able to open you are not required to have an exhaust fan.

What is a Bathroom Fan?

A bathroom fan is a mechanical ventilation device which pulls and removes the moisture and humid air from your bathroom through the ventilation system to the exterior of the home, improving the quality of indoor air.
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