Fan Head & Accessories

Need a ceiling mount for your ceiling fan? Looking for a downrod to fit your space? HomElectrical carries a wide selection of ceiling fan accessories as well as replacement ceiling fan head blade sets for select fans. Find the ceiling fan accessories you need at HomElectrical!

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What ceiling fan accessories are there?

HomElectrical carries a selection of ceiling fan accessories, such as:

  • Ceiling fan blade sets
  • Ceiling mounts
  • Downrods
  • Air circulators
  • Adjustable pedestal for air circulators
  • Ceiling fan light kit
  • Wall mounts
  • Light kit delete plates
  • and more!

What is a light kit delete plate?

Light kit delete plates work with ceiling fans with lights when you no longer need the light. The light kit delete plate covers the integrated light or space where the light had previously been so you can continue using the ceiling fan without the light.

Can you control fan speed?

Some fans allow you to control fan speed. To find fan control options, including handheld remote control, wireless fan remotes, Bluetooth remote control, and more, click here.

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